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Shipping Solutions

We at BIG DUTY LOGISTICS LLC will provide you with a cost-effective solution for all of your freight needs. In today’s freight marketplace the biggest dilemma a shipper will face is continued carrier capacity. We understand that shippers need reliable service at competitive freight rates. BIG DUTY LOGISTICS LLC provides our shippers with motor carriers that have met the highest safety standards as set forth by the FMCSA.

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The motor carriers that are within our expansive network have earned the reputation as “The Best” the transportation industry has to offer. Shippers can be assured with each and every shipment that only quality carriers are transporting your freight and vehicle.

You can rest assured that we will only provide experienced freight account representatives that give you the personal service you deserve. You are assigned a dedicated logistics professional to help you with the transition of each and every load from start to finish. Your representative coordinates all movements with our senior support staff to ensure a seamless delivery of your cargo each and every time.


BIG DUTY LOGISTICS LLC allows you to take control of your freight movement. We offer you an expanded motor carrier network that other 5PL’s and Freight Brokers cannot. We have an excellent rating within in our industry. BIG DUTY LOGISTICS LLC is a financially stable company. We can provide carrier capacity when needed the most, even when seasonal transitions affect your logistics the most.

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